OCULAR Razor Virtual Reality Glasses with 42mm Lenses for 4"-6" Android Smartphones

$40 $15


OCULAR Razor Virtual Reality Glasses with 42mm Lenses for 4″-6″ Android Smartphones

$40 $15

  • Fully functional and cutting-edge design: ocular razor VR glasses have a fully flexible design that allows you to make necessary adjustments through lens distance adjustment mechanical knobs removable front panel allows you to access the camera of your smartphone and the strategically placed access windows on both the sides gives you the freedom to plug in the earphones without compromising your comfort extra room for eye glasses allows all sort of people to enjoy the mesmerizing 3d experience
  • Designed for extreme comfort: the device incorporates super soft cushioning for your face and well placed ventilation holes for heat dissipation of your smartphone the glasses are also equipped with relaxable elastic head-strap, which is completely adjustable from 3 ends to distract pressure from the bridge of your nose and your face the distortion proof hd lenses reduce the eye fatigue, which in-turn eliminates the incidence of simulator sickness and gives unparalleled fov
  • Hd optical resin lenses: these 42 mm crystal clear lenses are the largest lenses available and help in generating sensations to replicate a real environment or an imaginary setting and stimulate your physical presence in this environment to enable you to interact with this space and enjoy expanded field of view, surpassing 100 degrees visually impaired users with a condition of myopia / hyperopia can easily adjust the distance of smartphone from the lenses and comfortably use the headset
  • Great smartphone compatibility: the ocular razor VR glasses are compatible with most of the smartphones available in the market operating system of the smartphone (ios, android, windows, ) is no bar for this device the razor headset can house smartphones with a screen size of 4-6 inches like iphone / samsung / lenovo vibe k4 note / lenovo vibe k5 note / htc / micromax / xiaomi / redmi / lg / moto / one plus / sony
  • Fascinating 3d experience: ocular razor VR box with a unique design is lightweight and portable, which entails you with extended and relaxable super 3-dimensional visual sensation and immersive gaming experience you can enjoy the high definition imax cinema effect, score a goal in a soccer game as if you were a part of it or embark on a virtual roller coaster ride to experience the thrill on your personal ocular VR glasses at your convenience
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