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The Virtual Reality (VR) and Apps Therapy Course has been created to connect this new technology concept of therapeutic approach to professionals, such as:  psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, psychopedagogists, trainees, students, and also, all professionals related to the VR technology industry, patients and anyone who is interested to be updated in the new technologies of Virtual Reality, Apps, Biosensors and their applications focused on the welfare of each specific group or individual..

This is a fast and objective course. In just one hour, this accelerated VR course will explain in twenty-two, very well illustrated short videos, how doctors and researchers of many universities and clinics, worldwide, are using this new  immersive technology to bring relief to patients of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), depression, burn pain, stress, phobias, trauma, panic, fears, autism, Parkinson and Alzheimer. With the help of Virtual Reality, patients are being able to revive their fears, panic and trauma, just like if they were there, in the scene. In addition to  enjoying beautiful, relaxing and, magic environments and landscapes according to the chosen therapy, without leaving the office.

There is no need for any additional material to take this course. Each of the twelve sections covered:  the concept of VR; the different VR Apps used for specific therapies (for each disorder); the academic institutions which are applying VR; the results of VR researches worldwide;  the description of  each VR therapy according to various disorders, how to download free and paied VR and non-VR Apps, all informations pertaining to the set-up of their own equipment, and finally, a rich collection of research sources at the click of a finger.





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