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Virtual Reality… A technology that opens a world full of amazing experiences! But it is too expensive, too difficult and addressed only to specific people, right? Well, in this course I will show you that things are very different! 

Hello and welcome to the “Guide to smartphone Virtual Reality” course!

This is a simple but very useful course for anyone who wants to enter and experience the fantastic world of Virtual Reality without spending much. You don’t have to know everything about smartphones, as long as you are willing to learn about Virtual Reality and take advantage of your smartphone’s full potentials. Games, movies and photos can be transformed with VR into a truly unique and immersive experience!

Right now there are several premium options of PC powered VR systems for anyone who wants to experience this new world and is willing to pay up to 1000$/€! In this course however, I am going to focus on the smartphone powered VR, which is much more affordable and accessible.

More specifically this course covers the following:

  • The basics of smartphone VR
  • How to choose the right devices to enjoy the VR experience
  • How to use the “VR BOX 2” headset with a smartphone
  • Where to find free VR apps & games, which are the most popular and how to watch movies & videos in VR
  • How to enjoy almost any content in VR mode





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